You know it. You know it very well. The feeling you get when you post a job application and end up getting countless non qualified candidates. This gets worse with roles with super high demand like the ones in Tech and C-suite. Let’s talk about the biggest problem of the decade. It has a lot to do with finding the right people for your job requirements. 

Usually, recruiters face a lot of challenges sorting and screening eligible candidates for a job requirement, let alone talented ones. Talking about Tech talent, here are the major reasons behind a shorter footfall of talented candidates:

1. Skills shortage: 

There is a shortage of skilled workers in certain areas of technology, making it difficult for organizations to find the right talent with the required expertise.

2. Competition: 

Companies are competing for a limited pool of highly skilled tech workers, leading to increased competition for the best candidates.

3. Rapid technology changes: 

The technology industry is rapidly evolving, and it can be challenging for organizations to find workers who have up-to-date skills and knowledge.

4. Remote work: 

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in remote work, making it harder for organizations to assess the skills and fit of candidates in a remote hiring process.

5. Candidate expectations: 

Tech workers have high expectations for their workplace, including a good work-life balance, opportunities for growth and advancement, and a supportive and inclusive culture.

6. Technical requirements: 

Finding a candidate with the right technical skills and experience can be challenging, as the job requirements can be very specific and demanding.

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Now, before talking about attracting Top Talent, let’s decode what we mean by “Top Talent”.

Top Talent explained

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Top talent refers to individuals who possess exceptional skills, knowledge, and experience in their field, and who consistently produce outstanding results. Top talent is often in high demand, and companies compete to attract and retain such individuals. Basically, these are the candidates that excite an HR the moment they go through their resume or talk to them. The candidate who has had a proven streak of outperforming wherever they go. Sounds lovely and joyous right? However, these candidates are the rarest to find. They possess skills, qualifications, relevant experience, a combination which is very difficult to find. Overall, top talent is a key driver of success for any organization, and companies that are able to attract and retain such individuals are more likely to thrive and achieve their goals.

How to attract this “Top Talent”

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Attracting top talent is clearly challenging, but there are several strategies you can use to make your company more attractive to high-quality candidates. Here are some tips for attracting top talent:

1. Offer competitive compensation and benefits: 

Money is the differentiator for a lot of candidates. One of the most effective ways to attract top talent is to offer a competitive compensation package that includes a competitive salary and benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and vacation time. 

2. Create a strong employer brand: 

People believe people more. It only makes sense to make sure that your current employees act as brand ambassadors for your company. This influences the candidate's overall perspective of the company. Developing a strong employer brand can help make your company more attractive to top talent. This includes developing a clear mission and values, promoting a positive company culture, and showcasing your company's achievements and successes.

3. Emphasize career growth and development: 

Top talent is often looking for opportunities to grow and develop their skills. Emphasizing opportunities for career growth and development, such as training and professional development programs, can make your company more attractive to these candidates. Show them what they want to see. Highlight growth in every way possible.

4. Foster a positive work culture: 

Most candidates are looking for a change in the work environment. That is their resort to moving to a place with a better work culture. A positive work culture is important for attracting top talent. This includes promoting a healthy work-life balance, creating a positive and supportive work environment, and encouraging collaboration and teamwork.

5. Leverage social media and technology: 

Top talent is often looking for companies that are innovative and forward-thinking. Leveraging social media and technology to promote your company's culture and achievements can help make your company more attractive to these candidates.


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We have emphasized enough on the importance of Top talent recruitment in your organization. However, now’s the time to take action and execute these strategies mentioned in the blog. Don't push your company towards the candidates, instead pull them in with a great brand value and perception in the minds of the candidates. Wishing you all the best for attracting the Top Talent that your company deserves!